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Muscat & nizwa oman - when old meets new

Crossing the Empty Quarter

Muscat & nizwa oman - when old meets new

  Muscat & Nizwa  when old meets new

Muscat & nizwa oman - when old meets new

    Welcome to Oman.

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Islands par beauty oman
adventure and sports

Omans wild mountain and desert landscapes offer enormous potential for outdoor activities and adventure sports. One which is slowly beginning to be realized, although the field remains in its infancy. The country is also a leading diving destination, with some of the regions most pristine underwater landscapes and marine life.

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The spirit of union

Omans history tells stories of heroism, courage, wisdom, patriotism, love and devotion to homeland. This brings us closer to understanding the richness of the Omani cultural experience which has contributed to the building of modern Oman.

Oman the tradition within
Islands Par Beauty

Oman was able to extend its influence to Africa largely due to its superior navy and its fleet of dhows and ships.

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