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   The Musandam Governorate  is a Governorate of Oman.


Geographically, the Musandam peninsula juts into the Strait of Hrmuz, the narrow entry into the Arab Gulf , from the Arabian Peninsula. The Musandam peninsula is an exclave of Oman, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Its location gives Oman partial control, shared with Iran, of the strategic strait. In the northern section of Musandam, around Kumzar , the language is Kumzari , which is one of the south-western Iranian Languages and related to Luri and Persian. The Musandam Peninsula has an area of 1,800 square kilometers (695 sq mi) and a population of 31,425 people.

Musandam is a picturesque region separated from the rest of Oman, with its scenery being quite attractive to tourists. Access to the peninsula was formerly rather difficult, with the only options being limited flights or a ten hour drive through four immigration posts. The world's fastest passenger ferry  service between Muscat and Musandam was launched in August 2008 to alleviate this problem and make the region more accessible.

Musandam Governorate consists of four provinces (wilayat ):

Khasab ( centre of the Governorate ) , Bukha ,Dibba Al Baya and Madha.