Adh Dhahirah, a semi arid desert region, is one of the two land locked regions of Oman, the other being Ad Dakhiliyah or the interior region. Sharing its borders with Saudi Arabia and the UAE and strategically placed on the vital caravan route, this region has enjoyed cross border trade and commerce for many centuries. Prosperous civilizations like Hafit and Umm An Nar thrived in this region between 3500 and 2500 BC. These civilizations spread across the Arabian Peninsula, and the entire area bustled with trading activities, as merchants plied their wares between the Arabian Peninsula and the northern Oman coastal region.

Dhahirah meaning 'Back' is famous for its prehistoric sites generating a great deal of archaeological interest with the ancient tombs at Bat and Al Ayn listed on UNESCO'S World Heritage Sites. The region is made up of Ibri, Yanqul and Dank.
Ibri: Situated 300kms west of Muscat, is the regional centre of adh Dhahirah and is an important town which has served as a transit point for those travelling long distances in ancient times. It is also one of the oldest inhabited towns in the country.

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