Wilayat Hayma is situated in the center of the Governorate, situated on the Muscat-Salalah road which links the Northern parts of' the Sultanate with the Southern parts. It is a desert area, therefore its people are migrating Bedouins. This wilayat is famous for its wild animals especially deer and Arabia Oryx which are found at (Jaluoni) area. This privilege is peculiar to this Governorate of Oman. The area of the Oryx sanctuary is approximately 25 thousand km². It has been listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List. The other three wilayats arc situated at the coast over looking the Arabian Sea.

ther are several tourist attractions that surround the region as follows:

The beaches of the Wilayat of Duqm are characterized by caves which were previously used as a refuge from the rains and various climatic fluctuations.

Cave of Al Raki which is located in the north east of Ja'aluni, water emerges from this cave but it is not potable.

Wadis of 'Ail Al Khudra, Wadi Kaisar and Al Sabil, located on the beach have villages with "Samar" trees in the middle of them.

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